LIU Hongzhen Lily
General Manager Investment Team (Hong Kong)
陳 俊強負責本公司之財政及營運功能及中信碳資產管理的行政總裁。彼曾任職於德勤會計師事務所、香港置地、一家創業公司及荷蘭銀行的私募股權投資、批發銀行及 投資銀行業務,擁有多個行業和會計的豐富管理經驗。陳俊強畢業於香港大學,彼亦為香港會計師公會之附屬會員,以及由一九九五年起為美國註冊會計師協會會 員。
LIU Hongzhen is responsible for deal sourcing and direct investment with focus on energy and resources industry sector. She is also responsible for a venture capital fund focus on technology sector and manages our non-performing loans' swapped assets portfolio for possible restructuring or disposal. Before joining the Company, LIU Hongzhen worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Beijing for 4 years and a Hong Kong red-chip conglomerate for over 16 years. LIU Hongzhen graduated from the Guangdong University of Foreign Trade and Economic and obtained a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco in the United States.